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Intelligent Money Sdn. Bhd.

We constantly update the latest banking rates and financial news on our website to provide our visitors the latest information they need to make an informed decision and apply for financial product... Kuala Lumpur

NS Corps

Has it been challenging acquiring working capital to expand your business?-Or do you require personal capital?-Has your bank recently declined you a business or personal loan?-Have you been in busi... Kampung Hong


Hello Mr., Mrs. You are prohibited banking and you do not have any more the favour of your bank to secure a personal loan in order to improve your financial situation. This is a windfall for you. I... Kampung Baru Jalan Malaysia

Quick loan between particular serious and honest

Hello You are looking for a loan, is to increase your business or to buy for a project or an apartment, but unfortunately, the bank will ask you to conditions that you can not keep. I am a person w... Kuala Lumpur

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