AV Electronics Marketing Sdn Bhd (424118-T)

5103, Dahlia Park, Jalan Kampung Benggali, Butterworth, Malaysia
AV Electronics Marketing Sdn Bhd (424118-T) is a company that specializes in professional audio-visual, lighting, communication, security and music equipment and accessories. We provides a one stop supply solution which encompasses products such as microphones, headphones, mixers, signal processors, amplifiers, speakers, public address systems, stage and effects lighting, projectors, screens and monitors categories, MATV, conference system, intercom systems, musical instruments and many others. AVEM also provides value added services such as system design, support, configuration, troubleshooting and servicing. Venues and applications for the company’s products include concert halls, auditoriums, stadiums, convention centers, education centers, theme parks, commercial buildings, houses of worship, shopping malls, hotels, entertainment clubs and any place that requires audio, light and vision reinforcing equipment.

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